The Besnard Company has been working alongside the asparagus farming industry since 1972, and is now the number one company in terms of asparagus processing.

This product is particularly fragile, and requires many years of technical labor to ensure perfect processing capabilities.  From cleaning to grading, we offer a wide range of equipment suitable for all production types, from small-scale farmers up to industrial cultivation.

The Besnard Company pioneered the technique of using computer vision on the electronic sorting machines, starting from the Visio-Select unit in 1997.  This may seem like a small change, but it led to a revolution in the field.  It enabled producers sort their vegetables incredibly quickly, up to 10 asparagus stems per second!

The work we undertake and the constant improvement to our products is the fruit of close collaboration with the producers we work with.

We are constantly adapting our equipment to new production and processing techniques.

The Besnard Company is fully independent.  Everything happens here and is under our control, from design to installation.  Our design office runs the engineering and production activities.  Tests are carried out on site, according to what the users request.  The Company also boasts a high-quality customer service department.