The BESNARD Company is a French family business.  Created in 1965 by Germain Besnard at La Flèche in the Sarthe region, the company was dedicated to producing all types of metalwork.  The company quickly stepped up to an industrial level in order to meet the needs of their local customers, and started producing all types of conveyor belt systems.  At the same time, Germain Besnard was putting his engineering skills to good use in the specialized fields of asparagus production and shellfish cultivation.

His son Eric Besnard is the current company director.  He joined the company in 1983, developing “La Société Besnard Père et Fils” alongside his father in order to branch out and develop the company’s activities across a range of sectors.  This was accomplished by incorporating new sets of skills and know-how such as computer vision and automated machinery in partnership with the CERPI Company.  Today, these new fields have been completely and successfully integrated into the Besnard Company.  Supporting Eric is his wife Danièle in the administrative and sales side of the company.  She has been on board since 1997, when Germain and Ginette Besnard retired.

Antoine, Germain’s grandson, graduated from technical college and joined the team in 2006.  He is working on developing the company’s shellfish sector, in the technical and sales department.

Currently, the company employs around 25 people, and is still growing.  To house our ever-increasing activities, the firm has relocated to a site 10km from La Flèche, to the village of Bazouges/Loir.